Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hometown Steamboat Restaurant 好家乡火锅世家@Kepong Menjalara

位于吉隆坡卫星市文良港的好家乡火锅世家,所有生猛海鲜每2天就从巴生港口外的小渔村- 吉胆岛载回。除了提供多种汤底是一大特色之外,为了迎合年轻人口味,店内亦有芝士锅与巧克力锅 

Home Town Steamboat
Around 6pm, you can see this restaurant already full with people. The table inside normally for reservation. So for better dining experience, I would advice to reserve first before going this restaurant.
吉胆岛玻璃鱼丸套餐 (for 2 pax)- RM15.50
新套餐(for 2 pax) - RM15.50

* This is my first time to this restaurant and it already given me a bad experience. First of all, the table inside mainly for reservation, when we reached there at 6pm, we were arranged to sit beside the road which is not hygiene and safe. They served the steamboat ingredient quite fast, but they took around 20 minutes to serve the fork, spoon, chopstick, bowl, plate, etc, around 30 minutes to serve all the sauces, around 45 minutes to serve the soup (they claimed that the soup is out of stock and on the way deliver from other branch) and forever to server the tissue. I would definitely not going back to this restaurant anymore as there there are still plenty of nice steamboat restaurant out there. 

No.71, Jalan 11/62A,
Bandar Menjalara,
Kepong 52200.
Tel: 012-3933135
Operating Hours: 4pm - 12am daily

Taste: 7/10
Ambiance: 5/10